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Laura began her training with Alex el Gato In a variety of latin dance styles from 2005 onwards learning first merengue, bachata and salsa on 1. Since 2006  Laura has continued to train and teach with Alex and in addition has undertaken extensive further training in the Dominican Republic with Luis Melo, Laysa Fransisco and various other acclaimed latin dance maestros, including Julio la Salsa and in more recent years many of Santo Domingo’s NY-style on 2 dance community. Laura has achieved qualifications in a variety of styles of latin dance. An extremely passionate, and well-respected dance teacher in Latin Dance both locally and internationally, her masters  in Modern History and Politics from the University of Edinburgh and her post-graduate degree in Education mean that she is well-placed not only to teach about body movement and musicaiity but also about the culture and origins of various music and dance genres.

Laura’s  original dance background is in jazz, ballet, modern, hip-hop and gymnastics and she is a highly accomplished and fully qualified UKA dance-teacher with almost 2 decades of experience in choreography, teaching and performing in the UK. She has taught thousands of students across Scotland how to dance starting with her own school dance group in Dunfermline High School at the age of 14 and has been involved in countless charity dance events over the years.

Fast Tube by Casper

 As Alex’s dance partner and assistant teacher over the past 12 years she has developed her salsa, cha cha cha and bachata styles. Laura has had the honour of developing her latin dance styles by working as a guest teacher in Salsa and Bachata at Santo Domingo’s famous “Salsa en 21 horas” Dance School. She has taught across many countries and most recently at the first Scottish Bachata and Kizomba festival alongside her dance partner of 12 years Alex el Gato. Laura has also taught dance in Scottish secondary schools on the curriculum and in after school clubs and has worked as a Zumba instructor and is now a qualified Booiaka instructor.

Catch up with Laura Tiguerona, Alex el Gato, Ioanna La Pantera Negra and the animation team every night at El Paso, 3A1 Dundas Street to practise the moves you have learned in class.

Laura puts together dance shows for demonstrations, commercial events and charity events. If you are interested in joining the team in any capacity drop her an email.

Some videos:

Breaking down the footwork:

Warm up for Street Latin with Laura Tiguerona

Marking our routine steps


Zumbathon  2011

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13 Replies to “Laura Tiguerona”

  1. Done a few beginners salsa classes with Laura and absolutely loved them! I’m addicted already and I can’t wait to move on to improvers xxx

  2. I first went to Laura and Alex’ class about 3 years ago now, Laura’s energy is infectious and made the classes so enjoyable. If I hadnt moved job’s to Aberdeen I would still be going along and would probably have lost a considerable amout of weight by now too …..:)
    Keep up the good work Laura and remember its involved not invloved lol

  3. We miss you too Benny
    Make sure you make it to Wash Bar next time you are in Edinburgh 🙂

  4. Laura is a very energetic and innovative dance teacher.
    Her Zumba classes are second to none, but be warned; she will make you sweat!
    See you soon @ El barrio Laura x

  5. I have danced with Laura and Alex for the last 7 years and never tire of it. It is my preferred form of exercise because you don’t feel like you are exercising. It’s a very social activity and you can take part as much or as little as you like. I hope it goes on forever!!!!

  6. I’ve been going to Lauras classes for nearly 2 years now and from zumba to salsa to street dance I’m addicted to them all! A fab way to exercise and meet the most amazing people all while learning from the best.
    A fantastic teacher who inspires love of dance in others, Laura is 1 in a million!
    Thank you for everything mamacita xxx

  7. Thanks to all of my lovely students for your kind comments on my new page.
    <3 you all.
    See you in class xx

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