What do I need to know?

Q. What do I wear?

A. Something you can move your body (particularly your hips) comfortably in

Q. Do I need special footwear?

A. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes that will not fall off or hurt your feet. For ladies a small heel rather than a very high heel is advisable. A slippery sole that will allow you to turn is often easier to dance in. Good supportive shoes are important particularly in improvers and advanced classes. Wait until you have done a few classes and try out a few pairs to see what is most comfortable for you.

Q. What level of fitness is required?

A. The beginners class is quite low impact and depending upon your fitness level you can take it easy or push yourself further. As you progress to improvers and advanced your fitness level will gradually improve. As with all new forms of exercise take it easy at first as you will be using different muscles. If you have an injury or health condition consult a doctor before under-taking a new form of exercise.

Q. Do I need a partner?

A. A partner is not necessary. People are very sociable in our classes and we always encourage more experienced dancers to lead new beginners in the first block of lessons.

Q. What style of Salsa do we dance?

A.ย alex dances freestyle Latin-American Salsa. This combines many different styles of Salsa. You can dance solo, in routine or in a partner. he concentrates on styling and partner combinations. he also teaches Bachata (Authentic Dominican-style) Merengue, Cha cha cha and Reggaeton as a warm-up or cool-down.

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  1. Morning,
    I’m wondering if there’s any salsa classes this Wed eve for 2 people.
    Thank you

  2. We have no Wednesday classes at the moment sorry. Tuesdays and Sundays for beginners ๐Ÿ™‚

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