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Beginners Level 1:

For absolute beginners who have never danced and who want to learn the basic 8 steps of salsa and the basic timing and body movement. This is the most important part of your salsa education. If you learn the fundamentals well you will progress more rapidly to become an accomplished latin dancer.

Beginners Level 2:

For those who have mastered the basic 8 steps of salsa and the basic timing and body movement. This is a crucial preparation for the steps and styling which will take you to improvers/ advanced level and enable you to dance in a social setting.

Improvers 1:

This class will build upon your education in beginners to take you to a more advanced level in salsa. Learn basic shines, turn patterns and how to lead and follow effectively.

Improvers 2:

This class will take you to an advanced level with complex shines and turn patterns to enable you to lead and follow effectively and shine on the dance floor.


Advanced Choreography

We will refer you to this class when we are confident that you have the range of steps necessary to catch fast choroegraphy for show dancing

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  1. I’m unsure how up-to-date the website is. It mentions a venue at The Wash Bar, but then says you only have the Cowgate venue.
    Please, where are your beginners classes ?
    Also, are they free or what do they cost ?

    Thank you.

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